Nrish X KOS – Nrïsh

One in six

children in Arizona experience the struggle of being hungry.

Over 600,000 children in Arizona qualify for the federally-funded breakfast and lunch program at school, and are unsure when their next nutritious meal outside of school will be. Through the power of Kitchen on Street, over 2,000 students receive weekly food backpacks, coined Bags of Hope, to take home on the weekends. Nrish is on a mission to impact and increase their ability to give back.

Help our community bring the need for nutritional education to light and help stop childhood hunger one Bag of Hope at a time!

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Nrïsh Holistic Wellness & Weight Loss is on a mission. That is, to “kill the diet” once and for all and increase awareness behind the importance of nutritional education. Nrish educates on how to approach wellness as a long term lifestyle. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, the results-driven company teaches members personalized portion control, which foods eliminate inflammation and toxicity build up and why nourishing your body can lead to stronger physical and mental health. Learn more about the program here.

Kitchen on the Street is an Arizona based nonprofit organization standing with children in need at the intersection of nutrition and academic excellence. By partnering with Title 1 schools, Kitchen on the Street meets the weekend nutritional needs of food insecure children to ensure they have the opportunity to live a healthy life and be a success inside and outside of the classroom. For more information on how to give back, click below.