5 Ways to Skip the Diet and Still Drop The Pounds

Most of us have a few pounds we want to lose.

Some of us feel like we need to lose more than others.

Losing weight is a common goal for many Americans, but dieting often leads to disappointment and shame.

Instead of focusing on good health, most diets are focused on quick and steady weight loss.

But, these diets tend to fail, leading to 97% of dieters regaining back all their weight within three years.

But what if you could lose weight just by focusing on better health?

Rather than restrictive diets and punishing rules, you could focus on practices that improve your health and this commonly leads to healthy weight loss.

Knowing more leads to empowering you to do more.

Here are five ways you can lose weight without dieting.

Portion Control

Start cooking your food at home more and you will realize that the portions both in calories and servings sizes at restaurants are more than you need.

Without portion control, your body takes in high levels of calories and then doesn’t burn enough throughout the day.

According to WebMD, each day we consume around 800 calories from added sugars and solid fats.

The key to portion control isn’t restricting your plate size as much as it is restricting certain foods on that plate.

White grains, processed (solid) fats, desserts, high levels of salt and fried foods are examples of the foods you want to lower your portions on.

Increase your portions of vegetables, seafood, whole grains and low-fat/low-sugar dairy to improve your nutrition and avoid feeling hungry.

Choose Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Foods can cause your systems to be sluggish or help them run at top speed.

Anti-inflammatory foods help reduce heart disease, improve heart health, balance blood pressure and improve discomfort from arthritis.

Remove inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy and stick to more produce and whole foods (foods that naturally grow from the earth) to reduce inflammation in the body.

Reducing this inflammation also helps your gut rebalance, improving gut function and enabling your body to detox - all resulting in weight loss.

Not only will you feel lighter, the visible difference in an inflamed gut is noticeable.

When you stop eating and drinking inflammatory ingredients, you will see a change in how clothes fit on your body.

Reduce Toxicity Levels

Your body is designed to detox on its own.

There is no magic food that will do the detox for you.

But there are a lot of foods that will hold up detox progress and slow your liver down.

Reducing the toxicity levels in your food and drinks allows your body to detox more effectively.

Doing a functional medicine detox allows your body to boost the liver function because it is no longer hindered by poor nutrition and harmful ingredients that increase the toxicity load.

Clearing out the main targets will also trigger the body to detox hidden toxicity in the body.

This normally can help you lose weight quickly and give your body a reset.

Increase Your Fiber

Fiber is what helps you go every day (if you catch our meaning).

And the more you clear those bowels, the more your body is able to get rid of the parts of food it doesn’t need.

You want to fill the body with nutrition and fiber to become a lean, mean fit machine!

Vegetables and fruit are the best ways to get this fiber.

Fiber keeps you fuller longer, which can help you eat less of the unhealthy foods (see Portion Control).

It also feeds your good gut bugs, keeps your system regular (going to the bathroom at least 1x per day) and keeps blood sugar steady, which is EXTREMELY important for fat loss.

More Moving

Don’t feel like you need to punish yourself at the gym.

Just find a way to move that feels good.

Moving your body will increase your energy levels, boost your metabolism and boost your mood.

It might seem like the worst idea right now, but just start moving and you will soon see the benefits.

Shoot for 10,000 steps a day—and if that seems lofty, start with 5,000 and work your way up.

It doesn’t matter how you move, just make sure to do so.

You can join a water aerobics class, Zumba or Pickleball too.

Movement increases the amount of calories you expend which can allow your body to tap into body fat for fuel.

Aim for 3-5 moderate 30-minute workout times each week to get that heart pumping and your muscles working.

Are you looking for more help with healthy habits and real lifestyle changes?

At Nrish, we are all about making the right changes for you to improve your eating and movement.

Diet fads are limiting and frustrating.

You simply need to understand how your body works and find the specific macros that work best for you.

Without dieting, you can choose foods and movements that are sustainable and good for you.

Are you ready to lose weight and feel better?

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You can do it!