Nrïsh Asked + Answered

We love the fact that you do your research, after all, your health and wellness is our top priority too. We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

What is Nrïsh?

Our mission is to provide highly-effective coaching and education to help you develop the skills to eat intuitively. Through the process you will loose fat, gain muscle or reach lifestyle maintenance, but the end goal in all scenarios is the same – eliminate dependencies and break free of the revolving cycle of  dieting.

What is the 30-Day Program?

The 30-Day Challenge is a 30 day accelerated experience of our Nrïsh Program. The 30-Day Challenge allows you to try our programming style to see if it is right for you for a one-time fee of $129 before opting in to our program subscription.

How do I decide if I should do Fat Loss, Muscle Building or Lifestyle Maintenance?

This depends on your current goal. We recommend selecting the path that is of top priority to you and sticking with it for one full phase (12 weeks) before switching gears.

Why can’t I join mid-program?

We have found that the engaged peer community is one of our best assets for motivation and compliance. Starting the program at the same time as  others creates a team environment that provides a better overall experience.

What happens when my 30-Day Program ends?

Towards the end of you’re challenge you’ll be given the opportunity to subscribe to the Nrïsh Intuitive Eating Program to continue your journey towards intuitive eating, a monthly subscription that will continue through FOUR 12-week Phases (including the weeks in the initial 30-Day).

What are the prizes of the 30-Day Program?

We offer various fun challenges for Members that always include awesome prizes!

What are the requirements to participate in the Program?

The only requirement is that you enter with an open mind, positive attitude and willingness to learn. If you commit to the process of macros and work toward the goal of intuitive eating you can achieve your goals doing any type of physical activity that interests you.

How do I connect with coaches during the program?

Coaches will answer questions and keep you in the loop within the private coaching Facebook Group for the benefit of all participants. However, should you have a personal question you are always welcome to email the coaches at team@nrish.com.

How do I connect with my Program group during the program?

During the program the private coaching Facebook Group is the best platform to use for staying connected. Chances are others are wondering the same things you are so the more engagement taking place in that space; the more information is shared with all participants.

Where can I find program tools and resources (i.e. workouts, food lists, videos, eBooks?)

Once you have joined and the program has started you will have access to our password protected webpage that is a hub for workouts and documents that will help you along on  your journey. You will also have access to a learning portal where all of your videos and important PDFs will be for you to learn at your own pace.

When will I check in during the program?

You will receive Weekly Check-in Surveys every Thursday. Surveys must be submitted by 6 PM PT/9 PM ET on Thursdays.

How do I check in during the program?

The Weekly Check-in Surveys will arrive directly in your email inbox and via text message. You’ll complete the survey (which only takes a few minutes) and can be done from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Will I have to submit photos?

Photos are always optional but recommended to help track your own personal progress. You’ll submit before photos at the beginning of the 30-Day Program and after photos  with your Week 4 check-in. After that photos are requested every 4 weeks to track your progress. If you don’t want to send in photos with your survey we suggest you to take them  for your own eyes.

Will my photos be shared on social media?

Photos are never shared publicly UNLESS you give us permission in your Phase-end survey. Please review our Privacy Policy.

What if I miss a check in?

If you miss a check in, or turn it in past the stated deadline, you will not receive that week’s macros but you will get the following week’s as long as you submit your subsequent survey on time.

How are my macros determined?

Calories are customized according to height, weight, age and other factors given in the intro survey. A custom touch + Nrïsh's foundational ratios make for a successful combination with hundreds of transformations to show for it.

When will I receive my weekly macros?

 If your Weekly Check-in Survey is submitted on time then you’ll received your new macros on Friday of that same week.

Can I change my goal during the program?

We recommend selecting the path that is of top priority to you and sticking with it for one full phase (12 weeks) before switching gears, but yes you can change your goal at anytime.

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is the ability to let your intuition choose what, when, and how you will eat based on what your body needs and wants in that moment in time. It is FREE of rules, restrictions, and limitations that is most commonly associated with a “diet”.

How long does the full Nrïsh program last?

The road to intuitive eating begins with the 30-Day Program. After that the program is broken up into four 12-week Phases. This handy-dandy infographic breaks it down for you: Link to image on webpage

How do I pay for the program?

      Click here to join the 30-Day Program. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed on the exact date that you first sign up every month. For most participants this will be the 1st of the month.

How do I update my billing information?

If you should need to update your credit card information please email team@nrish.com at least 7 days prior to your billing date.

What do I do if I decide to cancel?

      Please review the Nrïsh Terms and Conditions which includes the Cancellation Policy.

Can I put my program on hold?

Yes you can but it is important to know what this means. The phases are completed in 12 week blocks, if you decide that you want to exit in the middle of a phase, just know that when you come back you will need to start at the beginning of that particular phase. If you complete a phase and would like to exit after that phase is complete, you can start on the next phase when you come back as long as you have received your certificate.

How can I refer my friends and family?

It won’t take long before others will begin noticing your results. They’ll want to hear your story and we hope you’ll share your personal experience with them. If they want to join a 30-Day Program please share this link with them and suggest that they follow the Nrïsh Facebook page to learn more.

Is there a referral program?

Your personal referrals are what keeps us working so hard. We want to make the program so amazing for you that you can’t stop telling your friends and family about your experience. Your results are what matter most so we offer a referral program that pays you back for being an inspiration to others! We offer a refund of $20 per person you refer AND we donate $20 to a charity to help provide food to children in need. From time to time we’ll announce additional referral bonuses too. 

Can I share information with others who are not in the program?

Due to the fact that your program is designed specifically for you we do not recommend that you share your macros with others. Your macros are created based on your information and goals. We provide very valuable information on the public Nrïsh Facebook page so we invite everyone to follow us  there. Out of respect for fellow Nrïsh members we ask that participants not share tools and resources provided as benefits of subscribing to the Nrïsh Program.

Does Nrïsh provide medical advice?

We do not provide medical advice of any kind. The purpose of our program is to educate you so that you can be empowered to optimize your internal health through nutrition, exercise and psychological science.

Does Nrïsh require specific workouts?

During the program we prescribe workout and cardio recommendations to help in your progress, however, we always suggest that participants continue with workout regimens that they enjoy.

Where can I find recommended workouts?

We provide 30+ full workout options as an added benefit. Many of these workouts can be done at any fitness center, and many require minimal equipment which are excellent for travel.

Can I do the program if I am a vegetarian?

Absolutely! When you complete your intro survey you will have an opportunity to let the coaches know if you are following a specific diet.

Can I do the program if I have dietary restrictions?

Most definitely! Macro tracking is the most flexible form of dieting meaning you pick what you eat. Also, the fact that we are extremely focused on internal health means we are able to tailor the program to meet your individual needs.

Will I have to purchase supplements to follow the program?

No you do not need supplements to be successful on this program. During the program we may suggest supplements that will help you achieve your overall goal or target a specific issue you may be experiencing, but we will never require that you purchase products.

Can I still dine out while on the program?

Certainly! That’s the beauty of the macro balance, but we will recommend that you avoid eating at restaurants until you feel you have a good handle on macro-tracking and food choices.

Can I travel while on the program?

For sure! Our program works extremely well for people on the “go” because it is helping you create a foundation for choosing nutrient-rich foods while controlling your intake.

Who will see my personal information?

      Please review our Privacy Policy.

How can I stay connected with Nrïsh?

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