Nrïsh Testimonial

Meet Lolli LeClaire!

Elite Nrïsh Member who came for “weight loss” but ended up gaining more than she expected. 

She gained KNOWLEDGE and a new relationship with food. 

She learned the power of anti inflammatory foods. 

She leveraged the power of flexible eating portion control. 

She incorporated the lifestyle changes around sleep, movement, and stress management. 

She now understands how to manage body toxicity with food. 

She has a new relationship with supplements and products. 

In the process of all that… she also lost 20 pounds as a by-product.

Because she reverse engineered weight loss and led with education… the odds are in her favor to sustain her results for a lifetime.

That is a system worth trusting, a system that empowers you not one that slaves you into a dependency. 

Thank you for TRUSTING US Lolli!

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